Dangers of Overloading

A large majority of single vehicles transported in the UK are on light commercial vehicle transporters (under 3.5 tonne). Some of the advantages to the delivery company are; no tachograph to monitor speed, rest breaks and driving day, no operator’s licence to monitor roadworthiness, regular maintenance, no special requirements for driving licence, no additional requirement for safety checks, and the ability to park on public roads overnight loaded or unloaded. The biggest disadvantage of light commercial vehicle transporters is a limited payload. Always ask what the payload of the vehicle transporter is, and does it include the driver, tank of fuel, tools, spare wheel, etc.

We would like to point out that there are many responsible, law-abiding companies transporting vehicles on a daily basis. It is a minority that seek the unfair advantage to gain profit.

Unfortunately the temptation to overload and even to drive for longer periods than one should will always be present when no real monitoring exists. Check and be safe. Does the vehicle transporter look well maintained, does the rear drop excessively low, does it look overloaded? Overloaded transporters and their loads run the risk of voiding insurance and being impounded. Do they use proper straps to secure your vehicle. Xpres Logistics always strap the vehicle wheels to the transporter, four wheels mean four straps.

Asking probing questions should not offend a legimate business, after all you are paying them to perform a service.

To help you make an informed decision on choosing a vehicle transport company have a look at the diagram. Ask questions and be safe.



Our experience when talking to drivers is a lack of knowledge or ........... There's a famous saying - Ignorance Is No Excuse.

If your vehicle is caught on an overloaded transporter by VOSA or Police. It will be impounded. Why take the risk!

Never automatically assume your vehicle is safe, ask questions. A good delivery company will always be helpful. Ask to be shown insurance documents, does the company trade primarily as a vehicle delivery company or a vehicle recovery business, the two are not the same. Do not get stuck in an insurance grey area, check and be safe.


There is a growing number of 4x4 and light commercial vans towing trailers for hire and reward. If your vehicle is to be transported on a trailer, do they use a tachograph it is a legal requirement, do they display a rear number plate, this is also a legal requirement just like working lights.

Effects of overloaded vehicle transporters:

Less stable, difficult to steer, takes longer to stop.
Tyres can overheat, chance of dangerous blow outs.
Overloading a vehicle is illegal.
Insurance can be void if the vehicle is involved in a crash.
If caught your vehicle will be impounded.
Is unfair on other operators. 

Exceeding weight limits is an unfair advantage over other law abiding vehicle transporter companies.

Xpres logistics is classed as a vehicle delivery company and this is clearly stated on our insurance policies. We carry documentation to verify our ability to transport your vehicles safely. We carry vehicle loading certificates, information on train weights (total permissable vehicle and trailer weight combinations), proof of operating license and tachograph calibration certificates, vehicle insurance and goods in transit insurance documents, all for customers to view prior to any vehicle movement.

The Selby disaster is a terrible example of when no regulations or monitors exist. Ten people died after a Land Rover and its trailer, which was carrying another car, veered off the M62 motorway in the early hours on February 28th 2001 and plunged down embankments onto the main East Coast rail line.



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